Sol Andaluz

You alight a completely different bird than the one that rose into the air a couple thousand miles earlier. You went through puberty mid-air and then, when the first ray of sunshine hit your freckled skin and you heard palm leaves rustle as the salty sea air breezed by, though you had just landed, it seemed like you were finally free to spread your wings. The pulse slowed down as you took deep breaths and then you dove into the cold sea: out with breadth, in with depth. All those times you had wished to understand more completely before you were hastened to move on, those instances when you wanted to dig deeper but were condemned to stay at the slippery surface, thoughts congealing and reflecting back to you but your hollow, tired stare…. they all seem to have united the minute you put your pied à terre, so to speak, and they’re now conspiring to take revenge. Free space.

Like so.

All constraints gone. As long as that Andalusian sun shone.

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