Conflict – fickle beast of yeast – growing ever larger
Changing all the processes – agreement now much harder
Heat, moisture, friction – conspire to make something completely new
What’s left of the issue? No view, only fog. Can you see a solution, society’s glue?

You’re not listening! You aren’t! Come on! That’s absurd!
While falsehoods and half-truths we spew
Blood boils, drinks get downed and now speech is all slurred
When out of the blue – who knew – one side scores a coup

To retreat now? To shout? To just wave it off?
Looking for a way to win against this toff
Oxbridge, what have you, debate’s just a game
Disagreeing most loudly, and all for the fame

But is there a winner? Has reason prevailed?
I doubt it“, you say, while “I think so“, I claim
Well my argument must simply have been too detailed
For the likes of you, so actually you are to blame

Oh, what use going on?
And that’s the sound of the gong.

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